Kalyani Steels was established in 1973 to fulfill the in-house requirements of forging quality steel of the Kalyani Group.

Today the Company is a leading manufacturer of Forging Quality and other Engineering Quality Carbon and Alloy Steels using the Electric Arc Furnace route. Over the years, Kalyani Steels has been continuously upgrading technology and infrastructure. The first such technology update was achieved through a technology tie-up with AICHI Steels of Japan.

With the equipment and technology for secondary refining facilities from MAN GHH - Germany, the Bloom Caster designed by CLECIM - France, and technology from CONCAST Switzerland, Electro Slag Remelting equipment and technology from INTECO - Austria, Kalyani Steels manufactures virtually all types of steel.

Although the forging industry in India is the primary market for the company's products, manufacturers of various components for commercial vehicles, two-wheelers, diesel engines, bearings, tractors, turbines and railways also form a substantial part of the company's clientele.

Kalyani Steels has now set up a new plant to manufacture steel using the less power intensive mini-blast furnace route. The new facility is in the Hospet-Bellary region of Karnataka State, where good quality iron ore is abundantly available.

The facilities at Kalyani Steels are on par with any sophisticated steel manufacturer in the world. Facilities in Pune include 35T Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), Ladle Furnace (LF), Vacuum Degassing (VD), Vacuum Oxygen Decarburisation (VOD) for melting and refining of steel.

KSL also has one of India's largest Bloom Continuous Caster and Electro Slag Refining Unit. There are two rolling mills - one twin stand 550 mm dia. three high rolling mill and another of 500 mm dia. Three high rolling mill coupled with a 400 mm dia 3 high twin stands. The Mini-Blast technology at Hospet has been provided by Tata Korf - Korf Technology of Brazil. It is planned to produce 2,40,000 MT of pig iron per annum. The alloy steel manufacturing is based on the modern energy and cost saving technology of ~ Energy Optimising Furnace' (EOF). This modern set-up at Hospet also has ladle furnaces, vacuum degasser and continuous casting of both blooms and billets to produce high quality alloy steels at competitive costs. A blooming mill is installed to roll rounds and billets.

Kalyani Steels Limited has tied up with Carpenter Technology Corporation of USA to manufacture high value steels like tool steels, die steels, valves steels and stainless steels, etc. for domestic and export markets. This new Joint Venture Company Kalyani-Carpenter Special Steels Limited manufactures these steels and Kalyani-Carpenter Metal Centres Pvt. Ltd. handles marketing and distributing these high value added steels.

Kalyani Steels Limited will produce ingots, hot rolled round bars and RCS billets in Carbon, Alloy and micro-alloyed grades of steel from Hospet Plant. Kalyani-Carpenter Special Steels Ltd. manufactures hot rolled bars and billets in carbon, alloy, micro- alloy steels and high alloy steels like tool steels, die steels, valve steels and stainless steels at Pune plant.



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